D.C. Burzo


What can I say about art? It is a beautiful embodiment of emotion and spirit. Simple lines can bare life in it's rawest and most honest forms, capturing what already exists while simultaneously bringing forth something entirely new. Not just the soul of the subject is being honored, but those of the artists and viewers who behold these awe inspiring creations are allowed to thrive and evolve as well. Particularly in my case, art had both saved my life and given me a reason to live. After endless years of severe depression, near total self imposed isolation (amazing how the mind can be ones worst enemy and saviour all in one), and countless pills that promised help though never delivered, I found myself completely numb. Even self-inflicted harm did nothing. I felt nothing then. No fear, but no hope either.

Devoid of anything, I became a walking deadman. A soulless corpse that not even death wished to take. Instead of picking up my Beretta and pressing it tighly against my temple, I choose to put a pencil to a scratch piece of paper and let my mind and heart drop away. The lines began to flow. Simple rudamentary sketches began to take shape. From darkness came something so basic and yet so impossibly beautiful to me that it simply left me breathlessly asking, "Who's soul is speaking? How could it be mine?". But, it was. I still have no idea what guided me towards that choice and I have yet to find a better reason to live or a better method to enjoy the life I have.

What drives my art are the intracacies of life and death as they both dance their delicate ballet in the twilight, caught between the darkness and the light. Nothing about any of my pieces is planned or measured out prior to the endeavor. Everything is impromptu with the tools at hand. All of the photos and digital art are done using my cell phone with only 'Intraspection' comepleted using a conventional computer. All of the sketches are freehand with whatever is available in that moment; pencils, crayons, charcoal from a fire pit, and so on. I have no formal artistic training and often have no technical idea of what I am doing while creating each piece. The images you see are directly from my heart. The artistic language present comes only from the voice of my soul.

Dancing Lights Collection

Western/Nature Photography

Digital Paintings/Photography

Charcoal/Pastel Sketch