dbo design

dbo design


Basically i'm an Illustrator which became webmaster after trying to publicize my work through the young net in the early 2000s. This ultimately became a full time job, and after about 200 websites and eighteen years, i'm now venturing into the realm of VR, always in search of new experiences and new medias.

The works out there are part of my compulsive collectioner habits. I created collections in the past of aircrafts, sportcars, and ships. Then i decided to scan all these and create posters which are now well spread on the internet.

Also i love design and architecture but moreover, History, which my ultimate passion. I also started before the age of internet, with pencils, pens and paint, creating old fashioned canvas, frescos, even theater decor. I love sculpting also, both in clay and in 3D (blender, 3ds max). I also tried animation, producing many flash websites in the mid-2000s.

Currently working on IT/communication as a Freelance in WebVR experiences, my works has been also published many times with references like Asian Geographic, National geographic, Geo (Germany), Mondadori group, and many more specialized books. If you want me to join the bandwagon on your next project i'm your man !