Denim Burkhardt House

Denim Burkhardt House

The Denim Burkhardt House is dedicated to capturing and sharing street art and bringing it to those who would otherwise not see it as art. Studio created art has long been the grand champion of the art world, but is just that, "studio created". It may have heart and soul and time sunken into it, but it lacks the depth of creativity and game of chance that street art possesses.

Often created by anonymous artists, street art, otherwise known as graffiti, is prominent throughout the world. There are locally famous to world infamous artists represented on the open, unintended canvases that are decorated in nearly every city in the world.

From your own kid who hits ice boxes and overpasses to world renowned guerrilla art installers, The Denim Burkhardt House is dedicated to capturing and sharing images of these artist's works.

The DBH is not limited to capturing art, but also capturing images of life that are too often overlooked. When was the last time you sat in a cemetery waiting to capture a sunset or for the fog to thicken? Do you look people in the eye as you walk past them on the street? Do you notice the irony in the number of coffee cups on the ground at the corner bus stop? These are all things that The DBH is known for, the "unphotographed" as some may call it.

Lastly, The Denim Burkhardt House, from time to time, will offer original and unusual artworks like, Day of the Doe. Day of the Doe is a hand painted whitetail deer skull celebrating Dia De Los Muertos. Discarded and repurposed art, such as signed or painted spray cans, plywood mural sections, and hand drawn sticker packs will be offered as they are received.

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