I’m a self-taught artist of semi-realism type paintings, both in oil and acrylic. I started painting in 2000 but only recently realized I needed to either stop painting, rent a storage unit to house my work or begin to sell what I’ve already done while stepping up my production!

That first painting I did in 2000 is the reason I continue to paint today. My daughter, who had gone through a really rough season as a teen, had begun to make good choices and as a result had given me a photo of her baptism in a river in Northern California. That photo sat on an end table and whenever I saw it I couldn’t help but give thanks to God for rescuing her. As that continued, I felt God calling me to do a painting of that scene and to share that story of his intervention. I resisted since I had never done anything like that, let alone with people in it! But eventually I did after I told God I would do it but he would have to enable me to! That painting which is my profile pic was later entered and accepted into a juried art show!

I have since had numerous paintings accepted into juried art shows with two winners! My most recent award winning painting is Indian Summer Paddle.

A few years ago I felt that God was calling me to step up my game and get serious about my art and have produced more and more paintings in the last few months than in all the years previously combined! My hope is that as I continue to practice this craft, my art will touch and encourage others as they see the beauty I try to put onto canvas and panels. My main source of paintings is the out of doors with all its myriad colors and light and shapes. I love to bring nature into my home in many ways and I hope others will in the form of my paintings.