Dawn's Art

Dawn's Art


I have been doing my art for about 35 years. Took it on when my children got off my hands. I started in a group with an instructor and it was called painting for fun. I had always wanted to learn when I got the time. We would all do the same painting in the class and we would follow the instructor in mixing the colours and where to put the paint. My first painting was not very much desired . It was a little church which I made very crooked so was everything else but it did look like something. I still have it. We moved to where I live now and I went to art classes which was one on one. I learnt a lot in those days and he taught me to paint a blade of grass and make it look real. In one of the big cafes' up here the proprietor of the cafe said I could use the big wall to hang my paintings with no commission. I sold about ten. Since then I have done reasonably well and have sold more painting along the way. When I am painting I am in another world because It is so relaxing and is good therapy.

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