Lucian Brener Art

Lucian Brener Art

Over the last three decades, Lucian has become an internationally celebrated artist for imposing operatic works dealing with historical, mythological and biblical themes.
His paintings are not offensive to anyone nor send any hidden messages
The paintings usually reflect certain personal memories and emotions. Lucian tries to draw the viewer to have a certain feeling or tell a story via the painting,

He became passionate about the renaissance period, where he studied the artists from the three major phases; Early, High and Late.
Lucian later developed a painting style that is linear, lyrical, and decorative. A product of his own passionate imagination. He has a unique style combining the renaissance style with impressionism, keeping alive old Italian art.

To challenge himself over the years, Lucian reproduces paintings from well known artists such as DaVinci , Rubens, Jan Van Eyek, Michelangelo and Botticelli looking for perfection and accuracy.
His portraits succeed in taking hold of our visual perceptions, through the impact of hidden and unexpected attitudes. He captures the emotions, feelings and the character in every portrait. Lucian opened up a route to the possible, a kinetic realm where beauty is as available as anything else.

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