Diane Lestage-Davis

Diane Lestage-Davis


Growing up, I was fascinated by the illustrations and photographs in my dad's medical books and journals. Later, in the years when I experienced childbirth, that fascination bloomed into an obsession with the marvel of human developemnt, which fueled a series of paintings with womb-like environments. When my youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism, it sparked paintings of brains. My current work with collage builds on those past fascinations with the workings of the human body, but also connects to interpersonal relationships and concerns about the state of the world.

My work focuses on the human condition, weaving together narratives about the mind, body, and spirit with how people relate to themselves, to eacher other, and to the world at large. The imagery I choose reflects that focus. Sometimes these narratives play out in imagined internal spaces, while other times they take pace in a slightly skewed outside world, evoked through images of the brain and other internal organs; human figures; animals and insects; flora and fauna.

Selecting elements for a collage in an intuitive process. I start with a germ of an idea, riffle through images I've assembled from old books, online sources, and magazines, and start picking out the ones that speak to the feeling I want to convey. I may think a collage is completely ready to glue down, and then another image peeks out form under the pile and sends the work in another direction entirely. Some images I choose to make three dimensional, or overlapping the edge of the piece, to create movement and tension in the piece or to highlight an idea. It's exciting to see how the pieces change as I"m working and emerge as complete ideas seemingly of their own accord. I use cradled wood panels as the base for most of my collages, framed without glass, so that they feel closer and more accessible to the viewer.

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