David Walters Art

David Walters Art


An artist of fantastical images born out of reality, both experienced and imagined. Aligned philosophically to surrealism, my combined objects assume a new life whether in the form of a painting, a digital collage or a photograph.

Spanning five decades, my pieces are influenced by my education in both art and zoology and have evolved from my early days of creating illustrations and assigned pieces promoting licensed movie models, posters for the home market and working as a professional artist for Sea World to creating pieces that represent me and my connection with the natural world.

The creative process is most enjoyable when it serves as a revelation and images from one's environment are combined in different ways to take on a new understanding. I like working in a spontaneous manner, without a preconceived notion of how an artwork will turn out, what may be symbolized or its significance. In almost all cases meanings come out during or after the work is complete, more like a dream interpretation. Many times seeing imagery of natural origin in nature.

My art has been represented through galleries in California, Chicago and Arkansas; publications and online.

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