DFG THE ARTIST, David F. Goldstein

DFG THE ARTIST, David F. Goldstein


My name is "David" and I have been painting in various mediums since my teens. I first showed interest when I attended Brooklyn Museum Art School with a friend during a summer in High School. About 10 years ago I fell in love with Acrylic on Canvas, and that is when my works started to become a passion and a love for me. I like to frame most my pieces but can sell them without frames. I also donate a portion of any sales to various charities that have effected my life. I am socially responsible and push for kindness as a regular part of every day. I hope you enjoy what you see and get to own and appreciate some of my art. My studio is on the back porch which overlooks a park and our yard which is filled with beautiful trees and plantings, lot's of Vanda orchids, our puppy and love.

My Best,
DFG The Artist

Acrylic on Canvas

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