David Harmer

David Harmer


I am David Harmer. Welcome to my gallery
I paint in watercolour only, not for any good reason, other than I love the result and because it has taken me some years to reach the standard I am at.
I have been painting for about twenty five plus years, so long before I retired. My work taught me how to draw. I designed interiors and furniture for interiors for restaurants and bars. Most interiors were customised so the challenge was always fresh. From drawing I finally made the leap to watercolour painting and my painting skills were honed in the workplace. Later came lessons and workshops to improve my technique
I paint architectural subjects, boats and anything to do with water mostly. I used to ride a lot, and horses are fun to paint too. I live in the south of England, so plenty of opportunity for all of those.
I paint for my gallery and I paint to commission as well
I hope you like what you see




Rural England



Farm Animals




Bosham Sunset