David Miller Studio

David Miller Studio


An artist for all of my life, my primary career was as an international educator. My wife and I were fortunate to live in several different countries around the world in our thirty years abroad and traveled to many, many more. In each of our countries of residence, we mounted gallery shows to sell the work produced from my easel. The works were inspired by the countryside of England, France, Italy, Austria and other countries, the city squares of Europe, where the marketplaces tucked in unique places offered wonderful subjects, or a simple drive in the countryside delivered other opportunities. Now our retirement on the Midcoast of Maine has refocused many of the paintings to rural New England and the nautical life on the Penobscot Bay. The body of work includes still life paintings, cityscapes, landscapes, nautical subjects, and many unique compositions like the Koi found in the National Palace Museum ponds of Taipei. Many paintings have been printed as Giclee works that are available for purchase. The quality of the prints is archive status, and they are offered in a signed limited edition.

My work is either in oil or watercolor and each demonstrates my love of light reflecting off a surface or diffused through shadows. Both manmade and natural settings catch my eye, with our recent retirement to the Mid Coast of Maine allowing me to indulge my love of windjammers and other life on the Penobscot Bay, as well as the beauty found within a short drive from our town. The four seasons offer a completely different view of the same subjects, considering all that transpires between these times of the year; color, foliage, temperature and intensity of light.