Cosmic Art Center Gallery

Cosmic Art Center Gallery

David L. Laing is a self-taught artist and writer presently living and working in Seattle, Washington. His works in oil,acrylic,watercolor and pen and ink drawing have been exhibited in Brazil where he traveled and lived. Collections of his work are in South America, Europe and the United States.
David L. Laing spent over fifteen years in Brazil writing, painting and composing music. Since his return to the USA he has focused on book publishing of his own novels, art books and compilations of his articles. All of his written work is lavishly illustrated with literally hundreds of drawings all hand-inked by him.

Four of his books are presently available on Amazon. He is currently working on volumes three and four of his “Cosmic Adventure Series” and four new books of articles. Each article is paired with an appropriate pen and ink drawing—its visual embellishment. He has also written three screenplays and working on several others. He has sketched out storyboards for two animation films. Laing also plays the piano and the Native American Flute and is engaged in sound track work with his business partner in London who runs a studio on Abbey Road.

Mr. Laing expatriated in his early twenties and headed for South America with no money, in hopes of finding or founding a “New Paris for artists.” Already proficient at “hopping freight cars” he made it successfully to New Orleans and then on to Florida. There, he caught the last remaining plane in “Air Condor’s” former fleet of three. The others apparently had gotten lost in the fog-rimmed mountains. Two months later and 30 pounds lighter he limped into Sao Paulo, Brazil having traversed the entire continent overland, purely surviving on his own wits and a few helpful souls.


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