David LaMarr Nash


My name is David LaMarr Nash. I was born and raised on Chicago’s south side. I have loved art all of my life. I began drawing every moment I could the moment I was able to draw a line. In my youth my early attempts to draw came I the form of trying to copy comics. I have always loved the originality of the artist who drew them. I attempted to channel this desire to create and foster this love of art and design in the discipline of drafting in high school. This eventually lead to a one year effort in college to study technical architecture. Ending in a total dissatisfaction with the discipline I turned away from anything to do with the arts. Never losing the desire to be creative and always dabbling with a pencil and paints. 25 yrs fast forward with a renewed passion for the arts I have chosen to fulfill a life long dream to do what I enjoy most, Art. I now embrace my creative nature and draw and paint every moment I am able.