David Cleofas Avila

David Cleofas Avila


Hello and Thank You,

For your interest, I am grateful. I identify as an outsider artist. I am untrained and live with a serious, persistent mental illness. I began painting with oils after a brief hospitalization in 2015. I had earned a B.A. in psychology and wanted to help make the world a better place as best I could, but working in mental health as I did was too triggering. I have been treated for psychosis and prescribed antipsychotic medication since I was 18 years old.

Painting calms, soothes and entertains me. In 2018 I switched to acrylic paint in order to better manage fumes. In art and music I find my respite.

My prices were established by Ames Gallery.

I am also a musician, numismatist, and Paul Harris Fellow.



Child's Play

The Oceans' Call