Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas


Born in Chililabombwe, Zambia, I grew up watching my father draw and paint. I was enthralled. When still quite young, I remember him giving me a few pointers and a picture of a sailfish in a book and a pencil and pad to draw on. I was hooked. I realised there was more to drawing than stick figures. Fish, animals, insects and plants, I drew them all.

At school I remember being something of a conundrum. I got my best marks for Maths, Science AND Art. I loved the art room, and always gravitated back there even when I had other more important stuff to be doing.

After school and 2 failed attempts at university, I had a passion to become graphic designer and headed to London to make it big. With no formal tertiary qualification, I settled into a security job, asking just for night shifts. I then bought my first Apple computer, software and lots of books. I would read all night and then sit at the computer teaching myself how to use it and the software until I fell asleep. After three years attending my ‘University of Life’, I landed my first job as a Graphic Artist at the House of William Blake.

I have been doing and loving graphic design for 20 years now. I’ve enjoyed every step along the way, but there is an itch. I feel I am coming full circle and yearn to go back to making art for art’s sake, photography, drawing and painting.

So, this is the beginning of the next stage in my journey…