Rusco Paintings

Rusco Paintings

I've always had a love for drawing and painting. I remember as a child taking the World Book Encyclopedia and drawing most of the photos in the book. They were all black and white, so pencil worked really well. My two loves in school were art classes and sports. I excelled at both.

After high school I was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies and played 6 years of professional baseball in the minor leagues. Directly after that, Jesus drafted me to play on His team. I call this team the New Jerusalem Saints. In my younger years I sold many paintings and also completed several oil paintings describing the work that Jesus accomplished on the cross. My last painting was completed in 1991.

I just didn't pick up my brush for the next 26 years. Through the encouragement of many, especially my wife of 48 years, I decided to pick the brush up once again to see if I remembered how to use it. These are my first four oil paintings, my comeback. I'm learning much through these first 4 paintings. I will continue to paint.

I grew up on the central coast of California, where my wife and I now live. I have decided to paint various hills and landmarks where I grew up and continue now to live.

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My Comeback Paintings