Dave Porter Landscape Photography

Dave Porter Landscape Photography


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Hi and welcome to my Gallery.

I'm Dave Porter a professional Landscape and Travel photographer since 1998.

I have traveled extensively and this Gallery is a brief selection of the style of images I produce for the many markets I supply with landscape images.

I am based in Peterborough, England and travel the UK and abroad many times a year searching for the best in scenic landscapes.

Many of the images here are Black and White, a medium I really enjoy creating images for. I think differently when trying to "see" a landscape in Black and White as a lot of subjects do not work as well in this medium.

I am self-taught over 25 years of travel and trekking up hills and around lakes to enjoy the great outdoors and make a living from these environments.

I am also a passionate environmentalist promoting green issues and sustainability.

The photos on the Gallery are the result of a lot of planning, preparation, early mornings and hours of walking then waiting for that “right moment” to press the shutter.

I hope you enjoy the Gallery, I certainly have a great deal of pleasure bringing it to you.



As a landscape photographer my vision is to create photographic images that people can enjoy looking at and think I want to go there and view that scene myself.
I am influenced by mountains and water. Mountains generally lend themselves to the Panoramic format of image, and this is something I “look” for in the landscape when I am out and about.

Seasons are also a delight to capture, Spring brings clean and fresh foliage to add into the images, Summer is blue skies, heat haze and warm sunsets, Autumn is a rage of reds, yellows, oranges and mist, Winter is frozen paterns, cold snowy subjects and bleak landscapes.
Being able to experience and capture stunning landscapes in these different seasons is always a challenge.

Sussex Landscapes

Norwegian Fjords

Norway Landscapes

Great Wall of China

Cornwall Landscapes

Lake District Landscapes

Colour Panoramic Landscapes

Black and White Landscapes

London City

Winter in Switzerland