Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe


Welcome to my site, and hope you like the work I have uploaded.
I was born in 1976 in Rochdale lancashire. My Grandfather Frank Lowe was a painter and so I believe I inherited his genes.

At a tender age I discovered the joy of art, starting with a pencil and progressing while i was an art student at college into the wonderful world of watercolours. It was a programme on tv that I saw with Alwyn Crawshaw painting harbours and the Cornish coastline that got me hooked. I was working part time, so was able to buy my first watercolour set. I just love the way the unpredictable way that watercolours form on paper and the many great effects that only watercolour provides.

Sometime later I was talked into giving oils a try as this is a "much more forgiving" medium. After very little experience with oils I applied to a local art gallery to exibit my work and was successful, I then had as little as 2 months to paint about 10 paintings good enough to hang on the walls of a gallery. With this challenge I soon adapted my watercolour skills to oils. I learned how to paint under pressure. My work has been compared to the french impressionist Paul Cezzane and of LS lowry. I dont aspire to be like anyone as an artist, but I am still on the wonderful journey of discovering my own style and techniques.

Hope you enjoy my work D. Lowe