Dave E. Iles Fine Art


Thank you for taking time to view my oil paintings. My work has been represented over the past 32 years in some of the top fine art galleries in the western United States in Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek, Santa Fe, Denver, Colorado Springs, Santa Barbara Calif., Gig Harbor Washington, and sold internationally in over 25 countries.

Most of my paintings are 'Plein Air', which means they are painted on location, and not studio paintings using photos. I prefer to paint on location as it helps to create a better painting by attempting to capture the true feeling and actual color that can change moment by moment.

I began my long art career working as an Art Director and illustrator in Film and TV for all the major motion picture studios in Hollywood, and New York City.

I've been very fortunate to have spent all my adult life as a professional artist both as a commercial artist, illustrator and as a fine artist..

However, my dream was to always paint full-time and spend my time in the wilderness of the American Southwest.

Nothing beats the wide-range of vibrant colors of the American Southwest in Colorado and New Mexico for an artist, which is my favorite location to paint.

My studio is located in the beautiful high mountains of Colorado where I spend my days photographing and painting.

I was blessed to have spent much of my life in Alaska, Santa Barbara California, and on my family cattle ranch here in Colorado.

Any questions regarding large original oil paintings just email me. All of my large original oil paintings have sold-out and rarely even get to this and other sites for viewing.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed my work.

Warm Regards

Dave E. Iles