Dato Badzagua

Dato Badzagua


Dato Badzaghua
He was born on 2nd of May of 1972, in Georgia
In 1989 graduated with honors from Gali children’s art school, in 2002 graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts with specialization in Architecture, qualification of artist- architect.

Work Experience:
2002 – 2011 Chairman of Union of Abkhazian and Georgian Young Artists, Head of the informal department of education of Cultural-Political center; Member of International Painters Union GIFA. Specialist of Division of Cultural Heritage in the Ministry of Education and Culture of Abkhazia, Deputy head of the Department of Youth Affairs, Head of the Department of Youth Affairs, Deputy head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.
Member of Georgian Painters’ Union, Pedagogue of Design exterior and interior of Industry and Service Objects at the Department of Design of State Academy of Arts, Member of board of Abkhazian Painters’ Union.

No matter how we appreciate Georgian fine arts, I am sure there is one quality which is quantity of individuals, vision, approach, solution, talent and style is out of question.
In this kind of artistic environment, it is especially difficult and dignifying to have your own face and receive attention of arts’ lovers.
First of all what is noticeable in David Badzaghua’s art is a distinct talent of improvisation, play and imagination. Of course this happens on the basis of innate knowledge of artistic language, which he further developed in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts during education and selfless work on self -perfection. From the factors of his artistic language the most prominent is his coloristic ability. Sometimes his decisions may seem disputable but the fact that he thinks in colors is doubtless. These colors are not simply decoratively vocal colors, but rather colors related to painting structures, types of paintings, and consequently to the innate feeling of these structures. Stains, strokes, traces of mastehin and brush, feeling of material (mainly – Acrylic, Oil, Gouache, and Aquarelle), improvisation and artistic play create a very successful result on a painting surface.
It is important that this is never end in itself, simple or direct, but rather motivated for creation of figurativeness of a painting.
David Badzaghua is especially skilled in working on a verge between abstract and concrete fine arts.
It is clear that in number of painting series concreteness excels and in some abstracting is more prominent, although even there forms create associations and images. This sharpens polyphonic constitution of his paintings.
His art has a serial character, especially I would separate his several landscapes, still lives, and free compositions, which are characterized with musicality.
Coming from all these significant qualities we can say that rows of Georgian painters was joined by the new interesting individuality in the face of Dato Badzaghua.
Gogi Khoshtaria
Art Critic.