Darshan Zenith Hawaii

Darshan Zenith Hawaii


Zenith is well known in Europe, primarily in Sweden and Germany and the USA for his inspiring work with people, as a healer, teacher and also as a visionary artist.

He has studied with several brilliant teachers in his, over 50 years of learning and teaching experience. His style of teaching draws mainly from the Ancient Oriental philosophies such as Ashtanga Yoga, Non-Dualism, Taoistic Practices, Buddhist Meditation, Science of Mind, Native American & other Aboriginal forms of Shamanism, including Hawaiian Huna Teachings. In the early 70s he began to receive "Deep Body Work" and after experiencing much personal healing, he began to learn the Art of Deep Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, and has gone on to become well known for this work also. In the late 70s he studied "Rebirthing" and later on other forms of Deep breathing methods useful in the release of unwanted emotional/ mental patterning from the past, while helping to promote optimal physical well being. In the early 80s he developed his own method of breath-work called Ecstatic Awakening, that also involves Creative Expression with Movement/Dance and a Powerful Group interaction.

After a session of E.A. people often say, they have never felt so much ecstasy or profound joy in their whole life! He is also a Certified Avatar Master and has incorporated these techniques into his work, with wonderful results.

In the mid 60s Darshan co-created, designed and illustrated a popular deck of Tarot Cards known as the Morgan's Tarot, and from that time until now, has been offering readings with cards, photos and just about anything else including tea-leaves and television sets, through interpreting the symbolic content contained in it's visual or audio content. Another exiting and helpful aspect of his work deals with the creation and use of simple hand drawn symbols that embody a person's intentions and creative/emotional energy, that have an effect similar to affirmations but are several times more powerful because of the visual impression, going into the subconscious mind in such a way as to not be "dismantled" by the rational mind's tendency to protect us from believing in that which can not be seen, as true.


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