Darrell Nickel Art Gallery

Darrell Nickel Art Gallery


CANVAS TO CANVAS - The story of Artist Darrell Nickel and his massive collection of beautiful original paintings has a remarkable journey of artistic expression dating back to the 1980's on a different canvas being a performer as a World Wrestling Federation professional wrestler as well as bodybuilder. His lifelong fascination with creativity and abstract colorful composition was harnessed in his early years growing up on a farm in the small town of Dinuba, California and the time spent out of doors with his family working in the orchards and fields. His vast array of different styles and mediums exemplify his creative ability and talent to captivate the viewer and bring pleasure to the eye. His work has been displayed in many galleries as well as exhibitions and was the featured artist in City Hall of Fresno in 2019.
Artist Statement:
Blessed to have the gift of creativity which is in us all and to paint in a way that encourages others to use their own natural talents and artistic expression.

Yosemite Wonderland

Waterfalls and Streams

Coastal Seascapes

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