Dario Cavicchioni


I have been a commercial artist from more than 20 years and I describe my work as realistic and contemporary but with a hint of tradition. My work is all original, and is full of colour. I like to combine layers of transparent colours to create a rich, vibrant result.

I studied fine art as a youngster and now live in London where I have continued and developed my great passion for painting. ​I like to paint what surrounds me, especially flowers, people and still lifes. I part of my inspiration are from the best old-fashioned paintings. I have learned my techniques from the Masters. Like them, I paint in oil, though I am continually exploring new media and methods to capture the beauty around us.

My aim is to produce work that you will enjoy looking at. I have developed a style that reflects my sensitivity and personality.

​My paintings have evolved spontaneously over the years, each one showing my own intuitive response to portraits and still lifes. Each painting is a reflection inside me. The simplicity of my work and clean composition are part of my signature.

​Dario Cavicchioni

Gallery 2019