Daria Ozhereleva

Daria Ozhereleva


I was born, live and work in Siberia, Russia. I received my art education at the Novosibirsk Institute of Arts in 2010. I taught drawing lessons to children at school. I also worked as a graphic designer for a magazine. Actually I get my inspiration from new countries, places, people, circumstances and faces. I like such styles and trends as primitivism, abstractionism, minimalism, naive art, African Tinga Tinga and Russian lubok. Most of all, I like to work with acrylic with the addition of various techniques. All my characters have their own names or nicknames and I always think about such questions like: where they might come from, from which corner of our planet or, probably, even from another one. Everyone sees something different in the image, meaning, symbol, and association. These characters as well as various people -someone is dear to you and it seems like you are familiar; someone just passed by on the street, but you can’t get this person out of your head and you want to know this person better; some people remind you of another ones and some face you may have already seen somewhere in your travels or even in your dreams. Faces come to me from nowhere, they are like things of my spirit and imagination, my author's handwriting. I also love abstractions as expressions of emotions and feelings in color and texture combinations. My works can be considered as an unusual addition and a bright accent in the modern interior, telling about the owner of them as an extraordinary and creative person.


Space characters

My totems


Abstract art