Marina D'Aragona

Marina D'Aragona

I'm a sculptress from Italy, working with the clay in figurative style already 12 years, following the traditional technique.
Here you can see some my other artwork:

I loved animals and art since I was a child, so becoming a sculptress was like a dream that came true.

I work with some shops here in Italy but I can also take private commissions, so if you want to order a sculpture of any animal (from the most common like a dog or cat, to the most exotic like an elephant or a mouse), feel free to contact me.
*But* I would like to underline one thing here:
the "hey, that's the photo of my granfather's dog, may you do a sculpture of it?".
I have no problems with it, just be aware of the fact that I can work on the details as much as I can, but I'm not a machine, so I can't give you the 100% guarantee that it will look exactly as the animal on the picture that you send me.
On Instagram I have an image where you can see a photo of the dogs of my client and the result.

Of course, when I finish a sculpture, I always show its photos to the client and if it's all okay, we start with the total payment, shipping and the other stuff.

Paypal or Bank transfer, I use them both so choose the method more confortable for you.

Yes, I don't offer the "30 days money back guarantee", but:
• if the artwork arrives broken, you will have your money back from the shipping company Mail Boxes.
• I ship to you exactly what you see on photo, I just don't have any reason to do otherwise.

When I ship my artworks, I always use the Mail Boxes company; yes, the shipping cost may not be the cheaper, but they always deliver every artwork intact and, if they broke something (never happened), you will have all your moneyback.
And with them you have no problems with the import charges (they are included in the shipping price).

•You can find me here:
•or write me an email here:

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