"The world is full of magic, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper..."

— William Blake

Dandelion's Teleidoscopix (Dantix) is inspired by the wildflower which is one of the most medicinal plants ( can kill cancer) & you can find it growing through concrete everywhere;

Teleidoscopix stands for the analogy between the mind-eye mechanism of the camera & the teleidoscope, tools to write & perceive light of reality into fractals, with an X factor.

I pursue an Holistic manifestation vía transdiscipline for the transmutation of reality into multi-universal potentialities, creating new awe-experiences using technology together with art to expand our awareness, a kind of synesthetic trip without using psychedelics, just pure perception glitch.

I believe mixing ancient wisdom like Herbalism, Mineralogy, Tantric-Tibetan Reiki, Tao, Hermetic Kabbalah, Metaphysics, Physics, Gestalt principles, Mayan & Zodiacal Astrology through video, photography, dance, performance, music, cybernethics & crafts is the journey to become Cyborgs, the first steps into becoming infinite voidness of light.

The lines of separateness become blurry, we are all in a common holographic hallucination, so we might as well have fun at it: It is all just a game.

All is energy & energy can not be destroyed, just transformed: to feedback the energy into higher frequency vibration (higher dimensions), we must find the errors in the matrix...or creating them. ​

This is why sharing art is so important! without a feedback, the creation is limited. It is vital to constantly move around & out the world to spread the magic, keep on inspiring & learning.

The ultimate project consists in creating an itinerant interactive installation mixing Virtual Reality with Holistic Healing Techniques & self-sustaining cybernetics, so the game is MASSIVE.

For a start, it is through photography that I emulate the psychedelia. Just by projecting my perception, it is co-created while senses unfold: we are mirrors infinitely perceiving each other, & hopefully, playing with each other so we can become truest. ​