Yulia Danshinova


Born 1988, Moscow, Russia.

Talking from the general to specific, my working practice is strongly connected with the investigation of history, culture and women’s work in particular. I am interested in crafts and the way of applying them to the past via large range of areas: religious or domestic. Most of these techniques are on the verge of extinction nowadays and in my works I am trying to find out how to use the dying crafts in a new way.

From the beginning of my work I moved from a wide cultural heritage to my personal experience. I always concentrated on women’s work, not only because of my gender, but because I have an opinion that women are keepers of experience in each family, especially craft-making. I use the skills that are received from the women of my family and try to explore the possible meanings of materials nowadays, to create a new story from old semantics. I try to combine traditional ethnic crafts such as embroidery, sewing, weaving with common art techniques such as painting or sculpture. One of my works Celebration (2015) was made with the help of combining embroidery and drawing on fabric. The theme of this work touched upon the phenomenon of a dying craft and expressed the question about unnoticeable women’s work that stays hidden from ancient times to nowadays. In my working practice I search new ways of working with materials used by people for centuries, in order to open the features of the contemporary world. This way of working constantly changes the attitude to materials and techniques I use; thereby the new perception of forgotten craft appears.

2013 – 2015, University of Hertfordshire

2015 Theatrical performance 'For Light', Krug-2, Moscow, costume designer assistant

2015 Rebirth, Petlura’s artist residence, Moscow
2015 Selected for the Atazu art award, Kagawa, Japan
2015 The film screening, Jacob, BHSAD cinema, Moscow
2014 Parasite sculpture, street exhibition, ARTPLAY, Moscow
2014 FMP degree show, BHSAD, Moscow
2014 Just do it, Centre of the Contemporary Art GARAGE, Moscow

Curatorial projects
2015 Rebirth, Petlura’s artist residence, Moscow
2015 The film screening, Jacob, BHSAD cinema, Moscow

2013 - 2016 Studio residency, BHSAD, Moscow


Shaman's Pattern