Dan Oliver Design

Dan Oliver Design


Dan Oliver believes that growth of individual intuition, trust and exploration is essential to the creative process. He uses gestural improvisation guided by his instincts in the moment to guide his work to create fun, playful and colorful oil paintings that invite viewers to make their own interpretations.

Life should be lived in color with full expression. Quality, consistency and a savoring of life are all qualities we can embrace and improve upon through time.

Soon after performing improv comedy for nearly a decade, Dan started his professional career as a visual artist while living and acting in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Some smaller pieces of his work were first displayed at De Plume Gallery in East Hollywood and he gained attention soon after. He's created his art not just in Los Angeles, but also in Chicago and Wisconsin.

Dan's art seeks to wake the viewer into a deeper state of consciousness. He hopes to evoke a greater connection to the inner self and the world we live in which is one of growing interconnectedness.

Currently, Dan resides and paints in Wisconsin. While he started his career in Acting, his passion is painting, color and applied learning. You can find him on instagram at: DanOliverDesign