Dan Allured

Dan Allured


Dan Allured is a 47 year old father of 5 and 3 step children! yep 8 of em!

This is the story of how I became an artist

I have always had a natural ability to draw since the age of about 7 when a school teacher brought in a stuffed fox and asked the children in my class to draw a picture of it, I saw no problem with this and drew it, I can still remember her jaw hitting the floor when she saw mine and calling in other teachers to look at it, I couldn't understand how all the other kids drawings were abstract line drawings and thought I'd done it wrong! After the praise from all the teachers and other kids I remember thinking, eh... I enjoyed that attention!
So almost everyday I would draw, took art in senior school with Mr Danvass( crown hills community college,Leicester) and he was my hero and taught me an awful lot about using shading rather than lines to draw etc, however one thing I could never do well was paint, I tried watercolours and acrylics due to their low cost and never did bother with oils due to the high cost and everyone telling me,oh you have to be good to paint in oil colours!
Life got in the way after leaving school with lots of children,(they came after I'd left school!I didn't leave school with the children as that sentence sounded!) dead end jobs came and went and I never thought of becoming an artist, I found out that I could sing well though and became a semi professional vocalist on the club scene around the midlands and have been doing that ever since, 9 to 5's would destroy my soul now.
Another way of helping out with the bills was to attend a weekly sundries market where Lynn(my wife) and I would buy anything going cheap and sell it online at a small profit,this was more for fun than to become a millionaire and often made a small loss, however, about two years ago, there was a printer box with a fairly new looking printer on top of it, Lynn said she was going to buy it to sell on and I was like "no,its just a printer and probably don't even work!" being the boss she put her hand up at auction time and won it for just 1.00 uk pound!I was by now thinking "now I'll have to get rid of it at the tip!"
We got home and we hadn't even looked inside the box,assuming it was empty and for the printer, when we opened it, there were, inside, a full set of large tubes oil paints that were barely used, palette knives,a couple of canvases,linseed oil and so much other stuff I could have started a shop!
Lynn was like "HA!" now we can sell THIS stuff and make a few quid!, I was like"NO WAY JOSE!" I'll have a go with em, that is when I found out I'd been lied to all these years by people who weren't even artists and oil, because of its slow drying time, can be blended an re-blended until the desired effect has been achieved, it was a revelation and I decided I would return to my art and have not looked back since,it was as if the universe had spoken to me by forcing these paints into my possession (as I would never have bought them!) at something as simple and unconnected as a carboot sundries auction!
I have since painted families pet dogs(pictures of them,not the dogs themselves!)and anything else that inspired me to pick up the brushes, I now however feel its time to try with a wider audience and critics and ARTPAL could be my saviour!
sorry to go on a lot,If you met me I'd drive you mad,but if you've made it this far,thanks for staying with me, the "brothers in blood" picture is the very first painting I have ever had up for sale and will be numbered as NUMBER 000001 in my inventory( worth millions when I snuff it!)
thanks again.
P.S. the printer worked fantastic and I had to eat humble pie with Lynn laughing at me!