Danijel's Art

Danijel's Art


I'm a painter with 25 years of experience.
At first only as a hobby, painting and drawing has grown as more and more significant part of my life. Now I can say there is no other aspect of my life that can bring me more satisfaction and peace.
I enjoy painting portraits more than anything because there is that moment when I can see if I managed to bring life in the eyes of my subject. If that is the case...well, that is that moment of satisfaction.
Apart from portraits, I do landscapes, still life and nudes. Every painting is a different challenge, and there's always something new to achieve. I still feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I take my brush in my hand and start a new painting. I just love that excitement and the expectation of how the subject will unfold before me. The hand takes over and sometimes I really feel as if I'm only an observer. Especially when life appears in the eyes I have just painted and it suddenly feels like the subject is looking back at me.
That is what I want for my clients to feel themselves when they first lay their eyes on finished painting, and when I achieve that, I know that things are right.

When commissioning a portrait I will require a quality photo of the subject, and all the details regarding alterations of background or subject itself are to be agreed upon in communication between us. It's also possible to compose a group portrait from separate photos.

For any questions feel free to contact me at:

++385 98 825 984

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