Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos


Daniel Santos was born in Angola in 1936 and currently resides in Portugal with his family. He grew up in Moçâmedes (now known as Namibe) and later on settled with his family in Luanda, Angola, where he lived until 1974. Many paintings reflect the impact this period had on his life and are full of rich exotic landscapes and portraits of some of the natives.

His African-inspired art also is complemented by his European landscapes. In 1974 after a revolution and increased tensions in his home country, Daniel Santos moved to Portugal, where he still resides. He fell in love with the country and created beautiful landscapes of different Portuguese regions. One of his favourite landscapes is of the Douro River, where grapes that are later on transformed into Port wine grow.

Daniel Santos paints in oil, acrylic and watercolours. His versatile art is impressive and the moods of his paintings go from idyllic to vibrant and deeply emotional. Beautiful waterfalls; mountains and deserts; rare animals; hidden tribes and vibrant city life are just a few examples of Daniel Santos' rich repertoire.