Ragusitu Daniel

Ragusitu Daniel


Exhibition opening - Espace Amalgama Gallery – Brussels

On the 11th February, the Gallery Espace Amalgama in Brussels, was the host of the opening of DR’s the exhibitionn. The exhibition gathered over 30 canvases, a result of 3 years of artistic work. Alexandra Craciun, lecturer at the Bucharest University and art cristic, was invite dat the opening in order to present the exhibition.

Since we are in Belgium, I would like to start talking about the paintings of DR, by quoting Rene Magritte. He used to say that „Seeing is what matters. Seeing must suffice”. May be strange, but this idea functions as well, in DR’s painting, even is hei s not a genuine surrealist.
In fact, he gathers in his work all sorts of influennces: abstract srt, surrealism, Miro, but also the ancient tradition of byzantium. And the mixture of these influences makes his paintings so interesting.
I remember that once, Roland Barthes said that „the organ of pothography is not the eye, is rhe finger”. Why? Because the finger is pressing the button that preserves the image, that transforms the visible into a photography.
I think that the same thing happens with Daniel. For him, the organ of seeing, is not necessary the eye.
The organ of painting is the hand. The hand that makes the invisible – visible.
That’s why, some of his paintings are called „windows”, windows that allow us to see what we generally do not see, that allow us to see the light and the colors.
So, his canvases are windows open towards a surrealistic world where objects have no weight. Here the forms are levitating, like in magritte’s canvases, the spece is dense, full of color, and the light becomes consistent gold or silver.
Looking at the canvasess, I am sure, one can feel the mystery, one can perceive the unknowable.
So take a look. You can fiind the mystery of the Byzantine painting with its special treatment of light, caputer on the canvas as gold.
Surfaces of solid gold and silver captured inside the colorful canvases remembering us, all the time the Byzantium roots, with this special treatment of the light.
But somethng more happenes.
We may see not only light in his paintings.
Strange, inxplicable forms are floating up and down over the color. And, for several year, since I used to open Daniel’s exhibitions in Bucharest, I was wondering myself what the meaning of bizarre „objects” is.
Eyes that sometimes became prisoners of colors, and sometimes are flowering aut. Eyes that are looking outside, gazing atu s from the inside of the painting. Eyes that are clean and blind, unable to focus. Silver eyes like a mirrors in which we can see ourselves. Eyes like clocks in which we may see the time passing.

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