Daniel Loya III

Daniel Loya III


I am a varied surrealist I created many different types including fantasy, biomechanical, abstract types, I have been creating ever since I was a small boy and I still am my work has been displayed in events as well as purchased by the world-renowned artist Michael Israel.

When I was a boy I loved to draw the simple things like cars, robots, dinosaurs, predator etc, it wasn't until I reached high school when I discovered two artists that inspired me till this day Giger and Dali as well as entertainment, movies, video games anything sci-fi I am heavily inspired by many things.

My work is created in a way that is self-satisfaction I love to feel good and heavily satisfied when I create, I am also mentally disabled but that doesn't effect my art at all it only inspires it more I have been creating ever since I was born and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I absolutely love creating it.