Danielle Bedard

Danielle Bedard


A native of Québec, Canada, Danielle Bédard studied at Champlain College in film and photography followed by an intense commercial photography program at college Marsan. Her love of photography began after her parents gave her a 35mm SLR on her 9th birthday. In 1998, Danielle began her photography career, covering major events in the music industry in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. Her work has been sold, exhibited and published in several news papers and magazines. In parralel ,she started doing her personal work called Reflexions of. Reflexions of... is part of a venture she started 20 years ago. An obssession for images that are reflected or refracted on different surfaces and matters. It represents her perception of her everyday life with a twist on reality. At the present moment she is making a selection of her favorite work for a book called Reflexion of...coming in 2015

I love neon

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