Dania Piotti

Dania Piotti


...through the eyes of your soul...

Born in Ontario, Canada and raised between Italy and Ontario, Dania followed her childhood passion and studied art at Humber College, Ontario before spending a period juggling 'regular day-jobs' with art as part-time work and a full-time hobby. After giving birth to her two boys, Dania changed path and dedicated her time to being a full-time mother and artist.

The central characters within my work are 'my girls'. I feel that a girl's eyes can tell infinite stories and I look to capture this within my work. While there is a vulnerability to many of the girls in my work, this is often countered by a deeper, inner-strength within them. I can see a mirror-image of myself in many of my paintings and what reaches the canvas can represent an interpretation of my own emotions. I also draw upon the wonders of nature and marine-life to add flavour to my work, sometimes poignant, sometimes in a playful fashion.

My art, my painting, is very therapeutic and in no way can I imagine my journey as an artist ever coming to an end. Rather, I see it continuously evolving through the passage of time.