David Neace Artist

David Neace Artist


Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my art. I am a 70 year old artist that goes by the name of Dave. I am self-taught in many aspects of my drawing and I have had on-the-job training in printing, graphics, mapmaking, color separation and design.

I started drawing mimicking my father who was also an artist. He demonstrated hand skills, proportion and balance and explained some of the why’s and why not’s of drawing. From early on in my childhood, I have always loved to draw.

I tried college, but that was not for me, so I went the route of Vocational School for Graphic Arts and was fortunate enough to get a job with Rand McNally as a cartographer. I learned about the 4 color printing process, masks, engraving and how things are put together for printing. I stayed in this field of work for about 20 years. All during this time of mapmaking, I worked at home in the evenings and weekends, working on my drawing skills.

There wasn’t any internet during the 70's and early 80' and the only way to find books was through your library. These where the decades of college grads and without formal training in the arts (college), you where on your own for techniques, papers, brands of pencils and such. I read every book I could find and followed the lessons in each of them. I taught my self how to airbrush, silk screen, pencil draw, block prints, inks, oils, watercolors and dabbled in some sculpture and pottery.

My subject interests run from science fiction to surrealism to realism. I really like drawing man made machinery but I also like landscapes, trees, rivers and cityscapes. My most recent foray has been into digital creations. I created these new works using digital photo manipulation of my old art work. I had fun updating art that was created in the last century and bringing to life in this century.

I hope you enjoy the work and if feel compelled to make a purchase, that would be awesome.

The Old Hippie

Colored Pencil


Alternate Reality


Poster Style

Watercolor and Ink

Moons of Madness