David Neace Artist

David Neace Artist


Thanks for looking at my art creations. I started drawing when I was a small child and got my first publication at 11, the program of a local football game. I learned my drawing basic skills from my father and have continued to explore and create for over 60 years.

I draw from photographs, usually my own, or from historical photographs from the first half of the last century. I create works from my imagination also. Since 2000 I have taught myself to re-invent some of my art using digital enhancements.

Please consider making a small purchase of a card or print. I make little profit from the sales. The sale of these items helps me supplement my income from SSI and goes toward the purchase of art supplies and dues to various colored pencil and realism guilds and groups.

The Old Hippie

Colored Pencil


Alternate Reality


Poster Style

Watercolor and Ink

Moons of Madness