Danil Andreev


Danil Andreev was born and raised in St. Petersburg, where he currently lives.
Danil’s creativity was influenced by many artistic trends (the artist is constantly striving to broaden his horizons by updating his knowledge of world art). In the paintings of Danil Andreev, you can see the effects of post-impressionism, expressionism and Russian avant-garde, but the author is always looking for his own style, experimenting with different genres (landscape, still life, abstract art), and with different techniques (oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pastel, various types of prints).
The artist is inspired by natural phenomena, works of literature and fine art, mysterious images of the city.
Danil received an academic art education at the Institute of Painting of Sculpture and Architecture at the Russian Academy of Arts, where, under the guidance of Professor Vladimir Zagonek, he created a diploma painting called The Botanical Garden. This painting received the highest mark from the institute’s jury and an award from the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
Danil exhibited his work since 2008.
Danil’s works are in the collection of the Ilya Repin St. Petersburg Institute of Sculpture and Architecture Painting, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad.