I was born and raised in a small city called Clairton Pennsylvania, in heart of steel country, home of the Bears and the setting for the movie “The Deer Hunter”. I escaped the small town entrapment's to make it here to Brooklyn. Where now I’m living, loving, creating and making it happen everyday.

My newest work draws upon the underlying beauty of urban decay. I get inspired when I see things like weathered signs stuck on abandoned buildings, advertisements layered on subway platforms, and graffiti in dive bar bathrooms.

With my artwork, I attempt to tell stories through fragmented visual clues. These stories and their subjects are rarely given in their entirety but offer viewers an incomplete narrative through which their own conclusions can be drawn. The layers, although torn, ripped and sometimes almost unintelligible, help to convey a message. That is a message of reliance, of defiance and sometimes, even a message of hope.