Damian Gonzales is a formally-trained fine artist who pushes the boundaries of tradition while honoring his roots. With over two decades of artistry under his belt, his work continues to grow and evolve, spanning the mediums of oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, spray paint, screen-printing and more. He has made a study of screen printing and experimenting with stencil art using a wide array of materials as his surface. He has a freedom with his materials, and is open to fresh inspirations for how to use them.

His most recent works show a deviation from materials he's used in the past. He has taken on the medium of Washi-Tape - a traditional Japanese rice paper tape-gone modern. Pigmented tape is used in place of paint to make beautiful, textured pieces that reveal the handiwork entailed in their creation.

Damian currently resides in the picturesque and inspirational Pocono Mountains with his wife and 2 kids.

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instagram page: @damiangonzales74 Website: damiangonzales74.com

Email: damiangonzales74@gmail.com

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