My automotive and motorcycle art is derived from my insatiable appreciation for anything associated with  automobiles and motorcycles. This passion has dwelled in me since a young boy.  Thus, I am self taught.  The attached illustrations should reflect my abilities and passion for this craft.

Attention to detail is essential in meeting my objective; realism! Graphite is the desired medium. It affords me the opportunity to manipulate contrast, specifically so with a standard 0.5 mechanical pencil. My shading technique is what attributes to the renderings quality of realism.  This finely honed skill allows me to depict the ideal flow of light across metals and surfaces.  The typical method of brushing/smearing of lead is opposed.  The desired effect is produced by direct and controlled application of graphite. Application of graphite is always light to dark.

My automotive art is designed to appeal to the discerning automobile and motorcycle enthusiast. As well as those with an appreciation for fine art. I have an impressive portfolio with a an abundance of illustrations for viewing; sales of originals and prints.

I am available for commission work  for any and all automobiles or motorcycles. My references are impressive and will be provided upon request.  Commissions start at $400.00; a 30% deposit is required. I guarantee completion of commissions with-in 14 days!! Basically what I do is immortalize your treasured auto/motorcycle on paper.

For further inquiries please contact:

Daryl A. Morrison
Artist In Perfection
damautoart on FB