Creative  DP Artworks

Creative DP Artworks

Hi everyone
Thank you for dropping by our website to visit our artwork, and also learn something about my wife Pam and me, Dallas. We have worked at bringing the ideals we share to life for you to enjoy. First I’ll start with me wife. For Pam artwork has always been a passion that helps her relax and be in a peaceful state of mind. For her this is a big piece of her life. She grew up helping her mom with her ceramic business where she gained valuable painting skills her mom had taught her.
At the age of twenty five she developed a heart condition preventing her from doing a lot of things, most healthy people can do. But over the years she was able to find a way to dedicate more time to enjoy her freedom of expression. While learning some new techniques, and using different material to enhance her artwork, she has come a long way. WE also love the fact that we get to share the rest of our lives together painting for the shear pleasure of it.
I, myself have always loved art and until recently, in the last few years, was unable to find time to pursue my love for art. Being and ARMY veteran on disability just recently has allowed me more time to explore my abilities. Most of my paintings, as well as my wife, have some kind of story to tell, mixed with some humor I hope you will enjoy. Some of our artwork explains how the ideals came about. We work as a team encouraging each other to excel, and critique each other’s work. Incorporating our vivid imagination to bring you the best we have to offer. A characteristic we both share and would like to share with you.
Thank You
God bless
Dallas and Pam

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