Dale Art Heritage

Dale Art Heritage


born in Massa, (Italy, 1993) son to the Art Master Maurizio Fruzzetti, he developed a passion for experimenting with colors, drawings and imagination at a very early age.
He specialized in Social Sciences and Communications Psychology from University of Padua, moving on to work in Gucci where the creative environment encouraged him to create his first collection of artworks: Serendipity of Emotions.

He moved gradually towards a personal pictorial research, combining traces of informal art and abstract expressionism with his own emotional and symbolic style. His creative poetics investigates the inner world through an accurate conjunction of chromatic connections.

In 2020 he realized the Guinness World Records: the longest painting by an individual, with a 5,310 m rainbow painting for the recovery of art and culture from the COVID-19 pandemic. The artwork has been also the symbol of the International Day of Peace 2020 in Italy. In this special occasion he gained the title of Culture & Peace World Ambassador.
In 2021 a new monumental creation, Kaleidoscope Rain, spreads a message of hope over the walls of the Firmafede Fortress in Sarzana, becoming the largest artistic installation on a fortified building in the world.

His works have been collected in museums, private collections and presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, among which: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Athens, Bradford, Rome and Milan.


Website: www.daleartheritage.com
Instagram: @dale.artheritage

"Art constitutes the hinge of a universal language, made of different dialects, which bonds human beings and the world in which they live in.
This connection has the force to shape the culture of the society and to be a mouthpiece of the complexity of these heterogeneous voices.
The main inspiration for my artworks is gained observing the contemporary society with its peculiar features and its different characters
This process stimulates a reflection represented by emotions, words and colors." - Dale -



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