(Dak Art's) Da Stuff

(Dak Art's) Da Stuff


Dakota M. Olson. Earth lover, surrealist always, with nerdery and shenanigans grabbed by the handful and thrown in. My medium(s) normally consist of anything inspiration decides to toss my way, but water-soluble paints (acrylic, watercolor, gouache etc.) and ballpoint pens tend to suit my fancy also.

To shock and awe, horrify, captivate, to honestly bring out an emotion is what all of our art is and humans are great at both creating and destroying. By definition "Art" is: The combination of separate items or construction (by means of a medium) to be observed and evoke emotion. So, I feel as if my art can only be a conduit to show you my observations from being on this terrifying and beautiful rock, spinning/falling through space. From the ground you stand on to the tiny dots of lights you see scattered across the sky at night, the earth and life repeats in weird and erratic patterns, those of which I try to express in my pieces. "Da Stuff" is the gallery dedicated to my work. (P.s. Thanks for reading :)

Items marked (print) or (p) are prints and not an original.

Da Stuff

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