Daisy Riley


I am an 18 year old student, and have always loved art, so I am selling my work to save up for university. A lot of the work I am selling are pieces I did during my GCSE and A-Level art courses, but there are also lots of pieces I have done for my own enjoyment in my spare time. I am a twin and this often reflects in my work as I like to mirror and duplicate, and repeat figures. Another aspect that often appears in my work is religious imagery, this isn't necessarily because of beliefs I hold, but is because the imagery and decorations associated with religion are so beautiful and by using them in my work I am able to raise questions about life, death, rituals, beliefs and much more.
I love fashion, media and textiles (fashion media is what I intend to study at university) so I often play around with shapes, colours, textures and models in a way that appears quite fashion and beauty focused.
Above all else my art is form of self exploration and self expression, and a way for me to have fun and experiment. Of course I try to make beautiful pieces, but I believe it is more important for art to have a message, a meaning, or express something than to be purely an object of beauty.
If you would like a custom piece (e.g. a portrait) feel free to email me, likewise if you have any questions or want to see more photos of a piece before buying just drop me a message!
Email: daisyriley01@googlemail.com