I'm a student in Amsterdam making cat cartoons in my down time. You can find me on instagram making daily updates @dailycatfeine

My story:
I recently adopted a cat and she is ADORBS. However I had to immediately leave while my co-adopter cares for the cat because I needed to finish my studies in Amsterdam. Now I really miss my kitty also other people in the US so I decided to make cat drawings whenever I start feeling homesick - which is everyday. While I was making these images, I thought I could share them with other people who love their cats or are currently away and are missing their cats! The best way to do this, as I did my research, is through instagram. This is why I started @dailycatfeine account and aim to share my love of cats and silly puns with the world. I have even written a bored panda page so that you can easily share what I'm about with your cat-enthusiast friends ;)


Help me make more and better cartoons, you can support me in MANY ways!

1) purchase prints or MUGS of my drawings here on artpal (full resolution piece without watermark and restrictive cropping! )

2) SUBMIT A CAT PUN! Do you have a good idea? submit it here:

3) commission for me to turn your cat into a kittoon! Request commissions here:
I check my inbox for commissions on weekdays at 9pm Amsterdam time

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DailyCatfeine August - Sept 2017