Marietjie Henning Fine Art

Marietjie Henning Fine Art

Marietjie Henning has never had formal training, but she has always felt a passion for art and did her first oil painting at the age of 50.

One of the themes she dotes on is a family of women, complete with “Gogo” (grandmother and her daughters), Sisters and children and Sisterhood. All tall, mystery figures in a misty, dawn background.

“I feel a coherence with them, a part of their Sisterhood. The shadow figures who carry their children and belongings to the streets to make a living out of selling goods that commuters would buy. I realized what strength we women have in common, to be brave and to face the world out there in spite of our circumstances at home. To confront our sorrows and be positive and brave to be able to give our best to our children and the world around us,” she says.

Marietjie’s work have been exhibited at various Art Festivals and art exhibitions all around the country as well as the 2010 Art Exhibition during the 2010 World Soccer Games, and her work have been sold as far as Sweden, Italy, Mocambique Germany, Mauritius, United Kingdom, America, Seycelles and many other countries.

From 6 June 2009 until 3 July 2009, Marietjie’s work was exhibited at the ArtNot Terminal Gallery in Seattle America where one of her paintings “Goggo and Doris” was sold to the Patron of Art of Seattle.

She was invited to take part in the World ArtPrize Competition with participants throughout the world that took place in America in September 2011. Her painting “Gogo Africa” was exhibited in the Plaza Towers Art Gallery.

1. Marietjie received the 1st place in the “Africa” Contest on Fineartamerica on 2 August 2010 for “Women’s Day Celebrations in SA”.
2. “Womens Day Celebrations in SA” again received 2nd place in the competition “International Womens Day Celebrations” In March 2011.
3. “Womens Day Celebrations in SA” once again received 5th place in the contest “It went Viral” in January 2011.
4. She received the 2nd place on Fineartamerica Contest for the theme “Best Mixed Medium” in October 2010 for “Emotions”.
5. “Emotions” again received a 3rd place in the contest “Zodiac Sign-Aquarius” in February 2011.
6. In September 2010 She came 7th out of 1408 submissions in the contest with the theme “Colours” with “Gogo and the Ancestors”
7. In 2014 two of her paintings i.e. “Womens Day Celebrations” and “The 1956 March”, was purchased for the residence of the Hon. Mayor of Mbombela.

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