Christian Weykamp

Christian Weykamp

Hello, my name is Christian Weykamp. I am a twenty-five year old radiology student living in up-sate New York. During a state mandated studio art class in the 9th grade, our teacher spent two weeks teaching us the basics of dip pens and calligraphy. The moment I wrote my name in gothic old English I knew this was something I liked. That winter my mother bought me a beginners calligraphy kit for Christmas, and since that day I have been addicted. For years and years I would spend my evenings, nights, and early mornings practicing writing calligraphy in my room. I would panic a little if I ever found myself out side of the house without at least one pen. I even once failed a history assignment after turning in an assignment written in calligraphy on parchment paper, even after my teacher insisted that all papers must be typed.

After a while my classmates were all asking me to write their names on their notebooks, iPods, hats, and all sorts of other things. I always really liked this and even began taking calligraphy commissions for friends and families weddings. My addiction and love only grew, and I taught myself more and more. Always trying out new alphabets, materials, styles, and ideas. Reading any book on calligraphy I could find. As much as I loved the wedding work I always knew that I wanted to do something more with calligraphy. After seeing artists like Niels “Shoe” Muelman and Marquis Lewis (a.k.a RETNA) I was stunned with the beautiful images they were able to create while keeping still looking and feeling like
a calligraphy piece.

I do calligraphy because I find all types of calligraphy beautiful, and I can’t get enough of it in my life. I practice calligraphy every day to pay homage to the great writers and scribes who have come before more that preaching “practice makes perfect.” Now, I feel as though I have learned the basics of this great art, and now my passion in life is to create beautiful images with calligraphy to inspire the next generation of writers just as I have been inspired by the past. In my latest art work I try to take the letters away from the meaning of language. Working as a calligrapher, I break down letters to the forms that construct them in order to better understand and form the letter myself. To me these simple shapes that make up letters are the most beautiful shapes in the world. My goal is to create beautiful images with calligraphy and these shapes, but be devoid of any written or explicit language message. My art is a work of love and tribute to letter forms, alphabets, typography, and calligraphy in general. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions, comments, or suggestions. All of my original artwork is also available for sale. You can check out my facebook for updates @ or my etsy shop @