Tutu Pierce

Tutu Pierce


I am female, born in South Africa. I am a law student with a passion for art, my hometown is a big township called Esikhawini where I grew up but I have relocated to the Tswana Province in Gauteng, both my parents have deceased the last to leave was my mother in 2017, in a way I felt free to express myself now then I did then as they never thought art to be a living way of getting income. I am currently practicing law but would like to find an investor who would take a chance on me and see my talents enough to put his money in it so I may do art full time and law part time. I am the breadwinner at home where I provide for my two siblings and my beautiful daughter of 9 years. I've had no intense training for art except for a few months at high school before they removed art from the curriculum, I really would like to see my art everywhere across the world. I would also love to get some lessons to intensify my art more and make it come alife. I love reading especially spiritual and motivational books, I'm in love with nature and the sound of water. I love a song of words spoken in poetry, I love whiskey sunsets and a enchanting display of landscape under a setting sun. I do meditation and exercise to ease my mind, currently I am trying to start my own firm but it is hard to start anything currently.


I am women