Curtis R Doll Jr

Curtis R Doll Jr

I have been a professional working artist since 1977, graduated with Honors in Fine Art from The York Academy of Arts, painted full time, and played drums part time for money for two years.

Painting Mediums include Gouache, Pastel, Acrylic, Oil, and Digital Fine Art Giclée Paintings - These works are in themselves "Metaphysical Symbols". Form and color are combined, united, and harmonized to create heartfelt impressions of life. They are not meaningless abstractions. The concept of inner radiating light plays an integral role in the development of these images. This light emanates from within a counterpoint of darkness and shadow. In some of these images, the light is radiating from without almost hiding the shadow. In others, the light is radiating from within the darkness and is almost hidden. The light expresses all the positive forces of nature including growth and expansion, the power of intellect, and most importantly, the power of transcendental love. The darkness elicits the dark forces of nature and of humankind: anger; resentment; hatred; complacency. Ironically, we cannot have one without the other. The darkness increases the beauty of the light just as evil contrasting benevolence enhances the joy one experiences by doing a good deed. It is an eternal paradox.

In 1997 enrolled at Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts to learn the computer as a design tool. Acquired an Associate Degree in Advanced Technology for Advanced Digital Design and was inducted into the ALPHA BETA KAPPA National Honor Society. Founded CurtisGraphics Design Services on 09/02/1999 - on 04/25/2008 incorporated to become CurtisGraphics Corporation.

In 1979 began work at Linauts Stained Glass Studio in Reading Pennsylvania. I have since designed and produced many monumental Architectural Stained Glass projects across the US.

From start to finish; meeting with the client, determining the course of the Architectural Glass Design, producing the scaled transparent Lumiére design - after approval, creating the full-size drawing, transferring onto pattern paper and cutting the patterns, selecting the color and texture of the glass, cutting the glass, painting - acid etching - staining the glass if necessary, and overseeing the project to its conclusion.

In 1987 was published in Stained Glass Quarterly for six monumental stained glass windows I designed for Tifereth Israel using the Six Orders of the Mishna as the theme which can be viewed at The seventh window in the Historical Alcove in Tifereth Israel was used as the cover art on "This House We Build" - (Lessons for Healthy Synagogues and People Who Dwell There) -

A beautiful hardcover booklet describing and illustrating the 17 windows residing in the Simpsonville United Methodist Church - (Simpsonville South Carolina) by Linda Pendergrass was published in 2013 and can be viewed at

A poem entitled "The Lark Ascending" was published in the 2002 International Library of Poetry Anthology titled "The Solace of Night", by Watermark Press, One Poetry Plaza, Owings Mills, MD -

553 designs for door, side-lite, and transom beveled glass - pdf Book of Designs can be downloaded at

Giclée Paintings | Experiment Series