Matviienko Dmytro Volodimyrovich

I'm a visual artist who want be a best friend of everybody loving fine art.
I always treat my works very carefully and painstakingly and pay great attention to the quality of performance.
I sent most of my creative time in china and several other Eastern countries
In the meantime, I have several awards in many exhibitions and I made a great memory with many fans who loved my artwork.
I've always been diligent in fulfilling the orders of many customers who want a their portrait in more beautiful shaped, and I amassed my wealth as my effort.
With this reason, all the clients who commissioned their portraits always felt satisfaction by my paintings those depicting their figure in beautiful ways more than real.
I can also painting with acrylics, pastel charcoal in hyper-realism and realism
If you want painting depicting everything you love in any genre, please contact me.
I really appreciate repeated orders from my fans, both in China and from different countries of the world.

premium quality realism